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Vario Replacement Cartridge

Vario Replacement Cartridge
Brand: Katadyn
Product Code: 290951
Price: $44.95
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Combines the two best technologies - ceramic and pleated microfiltration. A simple turn engages a ceramic prefilter for longer life in dirty water or a pleated glassfiber filter in normal conditions. Dual piston technology provides maximum output with minimum effort. Ultra fast flow (2 liters/minute), carbon core with replaceable carbon so water always tastes fresh. Adaptor base attaches directly to water bottles or output hose can be used to fill hydration systems or larger containers. Cartridge capacity: Up to 530 gal. (106 gal. for carbon), Size: 7.5" x 4", Wt: 15 oz.

Note: This product is the Vario Replacement Cartridge only. To purchase the entire filter unit or other accessories, click the accessories tab above.